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Five quite cool things about No Win, No Fee

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February 2018

It stops the bleeding

By the time you bring your claim to us you’ll be aware that the claims process can be time consuming and isn’t always chocolates and roses.

You’re not going to get a substantial “hours based” invoice only to get no result or improvement – which would just add insult to injury.


There’s cause for optimism

By the time you engage us there’s often a degree of frustration coupled to an element of helplessness.

Common sense and not sales rhetoric tells you that no business is going to even take on an engagement if they think there is no chance of getting paid themselves.

A little bit of hope goes a long way when it’s your own business and there’s a lot on the line.


The clock’s ticking

Any frustration, particularly in entrenched matters, will include an element of ‘when can we put this matter behind us and get back to running our business’.

We don’t get paid until you do. The clock is accordingly ticking at the same rate for both your firm and ours…reassuring when you are a little commercially agitated.


You’ve got a legitimate partner to your claim

We are very naturally aligned. What’s good for you is good for us and vice versa.

There is an element of lopsidedness in Insurer v Business . One company has the resources, the claims experience and a stream of expert representatives, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers, Loss Adjusters, Builders, Metallurgists ..

Your Insurers also aren’t in the middle of a claim threatening their business survival. We’ve dealt with thousands of commercial claims underwritten by most, if not all Insurers.
Who wouldn’t want an experienced Guide to get them to the top of Everest?



A fixed percentage of what we improve your claim by – agreed in advance, no fine print.


Simple, powerful, effective.


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