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January 2018


I spent the first half of my working life as a Loss Adjuster  and the second half working as a Claims Preparer.

In short, I’ve worked ‘for’ Insurers and ‘against’ them.  It’s given me an insight few people have. I’m now jumping online to share some of the more interesting things I’ve learnt along the way with you good people.

Sure, but why a blog?

  • There’s two sides to every story.
    Yet customer satisfaction surveys since the Stone Age in relation to the claims experience tell us there’s a gap that still needs closing.  Stories from the front line can only shine some light on where the recurring hot spots arise.  If publicising a perspective that isn’t ordinarily aggregated or circulated helps close that gap even a tiny bit, that can only be a good thing.
  • People don’t know what they don’t know.
    Sharing these claims stories, some of which will have circumstances potentially similar to those being encountered by your business, may result in a better eventual outcome.
  • Insurers don’t say no lightly.
    When they do it is notoriously difficult to get them to “see” the original position they adopted any differently.  As I mention above, there are always two sides to every story.  Statistically, is it even possible that Insurers are always right? The journey from no to yes often involves imagination and changing mental pictures and perceptions.  That journey is often a fascinating one!.

As this site develops there will also be some musical references.  We will probably also talk a little bit about Oscar Wilde.  I give you this heads up as I have another blog and can’t stop rabbiting on about both of those latter subjects.  If something about this blog connects with you – feel free to email me and I’ll give you that unrelated blogs address – it’s based loosely around a charity ride in Cambodia which we have done for the last five or six years.

There’s going to be a technical component to this blog , excerpts from actual claims.  I’ll link the Insurer’s formal initial position and go on and share the eventual outcome.

There’s also going to be a less technical component, exchanges and observations from over the years that I found interesting and hope you do too.

I’ll also talk about how Beanstalk came to be and how we landed upon a no win no fee compensation model.

Everyone should do what they love.  I couldn’t think of doing anything other than Claims Preparation.  Whilst on the one hand commercial insurance claims is a deathly serious business there’s also a huge amount of hope and regeneration and fun in it.  Hopefully we are successful in getting a fair bit of both across in this blog.

Blog 2 is out over the upcoming days.   It discusses a major fire in a Perth CBD city building where the Insurer initially declined the (significant) cost of removing Asbestos from the site.


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